Fundraising 2010 - Duke's Tavern & The Thirsy Parrot

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Duke's Tavern friends Crystal models for charity Stefanie and Josie at Our Booth Our Texas Thunder friends
Back to the Parrot Return from the Fun Run
Johnny D pulls in Josie has the raffle tickets T-shirts and patches
Terrific Auction Items Terrific Auction Items
Special Patriotic Auction Basket Victoria Secret Ladies Foo Foo Who wants jewelry
Presenting Curtis a Distinguished Patriot plaque Curtis kicks the auction off Jeremy works the Crowd
Joan displays auction items Going Once, Going Twice... Beverly says, Who wants a synthesizer?
Special auction item for the Ladies... Michelle models Mrs. Santa outfit Start the Bidding... Of course this will fit you, honestly.
Jeremy and Bob working the crowd Michelle & Bob Sly Boots
Santa and Mrs. Claus Kat Kat always helps out
  Thanks to The Thirsty Parrot    

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