Trip to BAMC 2007

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1staging040 1staging041 2trip045 2trip046
3lunch062 3lunch066 4arrival067 4arrival070
4arrival073 4arrival076 4arrival2761e 5bamc078
5bamc079 5bamc080 5bamc081 5bamc082
5bamc087 5bamc088 5bamc091 5bamc095
5bamc096 5bamc102 5bamc110 5bamc2767e
5bamc2776e 5bamc2779e 5bamc2780e 5bamc2782e
5bamc2783e 5bamc2787e 5bamc2789e 5bamc2791e
5bamc2792e 5bamc2793e 5bamc2801e 5bamc2802e

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